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About Tosha LLC

Tony Ramirez and Sharon Ramirez are the business partners of Tosha LLC. The name "Tosha" is a combination of their first names, Tony and Sharon.

It was always Tony's dream to own his own business. When we first started Tosha LLC in 1999 we were working out of our house and a small storage unit. At the time we only recycled catalytic converters. As more people learned about Tosha, we began to notice a demand for recycling all types of metal.

Tosha LLC's Current Location

In 2003 we opened a larger, more public location at 1745 Orangeburg Road in Summerville, South Carolina and began accepting all metals.

Ten years later we saw a demand for recycling e-scrap and circuit boards and incorporated those items into our business as well.

All of the metal we receive is crushed and baled on site then shipped out to other companies to be melted down for use in other products. Our process is slightly different from other recycling yards as you can rest assured that your metals are completely destroyed. This is important when it comes to your e-scrap and proprietary cuts/pieces of metals from manufacturing businesses.

We are proud to be the leading catalytic converter recycler in South Carolina today. In the future we hope to build our e-scrap recycling into the largest e-scrap site in South Carolina.

Summerville Journal Scene Feature
September 17, 2008

Tony Ramirez came to the United States in search of the American Dream.

"When I was little, we lived in a dirt floor house in Costa Rica. We didn't have money for things like shoes or too many clothes. Everyday after school, I would have to wash my uniform so I could wear it again the next day. I moved to America with $500 and got a job cutting grass in a mobile home park. I hardly had any money so I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day," recounts Ramirez.

Ramirez eventually started making payments to buy a piece of property.

Working a variety of odd jobs, one day he came to the realization that catalytic converters in people's cars are made of platinum. It was then that Tosha LLC, Ramirez's metal recycling business, was born.

Tosha stands for Tony Ramirez and his wife Sharon. "It's always been Tony's dream to own his own business. We actually chose the name four years prior to the business ever opening or even knowing what kind of business it would be," explained Sharon Ramirez.

When they first started Tosha LLC, in 1999, the Ramirezes were working out of their house and a small storage unit. At the time, they only recycled catalytic converters, that costly part of your car that controls emissions.

Since it's required by law that your catalytic converter is always up to par, this proved to be rather lucrative for the company.

As more people learned about Tosha, the Ramirezes began to notice a demand for the recycling of all types of metals, so in 2003, Tosha opened up a larger, more public location at 1745 Orangeburg Road, and began accepting all metals.

"People are always pleasantly surprised to find out that they can recycle their old washing machine, and actually even get a little bit of money for it," says Sharon Ramirez.

Tosha accepts aluminum cans, junk cars, parts of old cars, washing machines, refrigerators, motors, etc. basically, anything that is metal and that can be recycled. Your old pieces of metal are then crushed and bailed," then shipped out to other companies that melt it all down to be made into something else.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious of the importance of recycling, people are starting to recycle anything that can be reused.

The Ramirezes feel good about running an environmentally conscious business that helps make the world a less polluted place.

With Tosha, everyone can feel good about getting rid of their junk.

You even get paid for it!

Owners Tony and Sharon Ramirez are very excited about what they do, and enjoy the perks of owning their own company, like being able to take time off to accompany their church, Cokesbury United Methodist, on yearly mission trips to Costa Rica.

It's important to him to be able to help his native people. "In my country, people move to America to pursue the American Dream. Many people here no longer believe in it. Sometimes people need to suffer a bit, but it's possible. I want everyone to know that the American Dream is still here," says Ramirez.

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Tosha LLC
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