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E-Scrap - Circuit Board Recycling

As advances in technology continue to grow and consumers continue to want the latest and greatest new gadget, there is a need to properly dispose of these electronics, for example: computers and cellular phones. At Tosha LLC we continue to look for new ways and items to recycle which has allowed us to enter into the e-scrap market.

Materials in computers vary to include plastics, steel, silver, platinum, copper and gold. These items can be recycled and made into new materials. E-scrap also includes dangerous materials as well that can be toxic to our environment. To avoid polluting our environment these materials need to be properly disposed of through our recycling process.

At Tosha LLC, we will pay you for your outdated computer equipment. We work with all size companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and individuals. Let us help you manage your computer scrap in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner, while at the same time giving you some extra dollars!!

A partial list of computer material we accept includes:

  • Motherboards

  • Finger Cards

  • Server Boards

  • Telecom Boards

  • Processors (CPU)

  • Computer Memory (RAM)

  • Hard Drives

  • CD-ROM/Floppy Drives

  • Power Supplies

  • UPS Battery Backups

  • PC Towers

  • Computer Wire

Catalytic Converter Recycling | E-Scrap and Circuit Board Recycling

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