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Tips For Recycling Scrap Metal

Taking a little extra time and making a little extra effort will help you get the most money for your scrap metal.

You can collect metal items around your house, from your neighbors, from your work place, your church, clubs and community efforts. Get a FREE Metals Permit from your local sheriff's office and get started!

We recycle aluminum automobile wheels!

After you have collected your metal items, sort them into piles. Collectible items include Catalytic Converters, Steel, Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Items that are easily found include:

Old Cars Refrigerators Jumper Cables
Washers and Dryers Water Heaters Lawn Furniture
Car Rims Heater Cores Air Conditioners
Radiators Christmas Lights Electrical Cords
Transmissions Electric Motors Automobile Batteries
Car Compressors Radiator Ends Alternators
Seal Units Carburetors Starters
Lead Stainless Steel Bicycles
Swing Sets Aluminum Doors Stoves
Wall Ovens Brass Fixtures Metal Shelves/Cabinets
Metal Doors Fencing Grills
Iron Furniture Iron Railings Lawnmowers
Weed Eaters  Freezers Pots and Pans


No Propane Tanks, No Beer Kegs, No Railroad Tracks, No Underground Containers or Pipes, No Manhole Covers, No Cordless Power Tool Batteries, No Microwaves.

All items should be dry. Please drain all oil and gasoline.

After you have separated your items into piles of steel (a magnet will stick to these items), brass, copper, lead, aluminum and stainless steel, take a good look at your piles. You can bring them in as they are, but you will get a minimum amount of money for your goods.

To get the most money for your goods, remove items such as rubber, plastic, wood, glass, liquids. Remove the hose from the car radiator. Take the steel screws off the aluminum door. If scrapping a car, you will get more money if you remove the rims, radiator, transmission, battery, compressor, radiator ends, alternator, seal units, carburetor, and starter. Recycle these materials separately for the highest payout.

Don't forget to remove the catalytic converter! The catalytic converter is one of the most valuable items on your vehicle. If you remove the catalytic converter from your vehicle and bring it in separately, you will be paid top dollar for it. Tosha LLC is the leading catalytic converter recycler in South Carolina. We pay the highest prices available for catalytic converters.

Don't forget: we recycle e-scrap and circuit boards too!

Catalytic Converter Recycling | E-Scrap and Circuit Board Recycling

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